Edison High School
2014-2015 School year

Manteca High JROTC

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About Us

     Here at our website, the owners/admins that help keep this website running is not some organization, but Manteca's very own Manteca High Buffalo Battalion cadets. It goes to show you what can be acomplished with team work. The Idea for this website came from another one like it, and made us realize the benefit that can come from it like motivating young citizens to join JROTC. A great class to join, as well as keep the cadets, parents, freinds or anyone else interested updated on anything that might pertain to them such as comps, after school practices, or dates of battalion meetings. We hope to increse the size of our battalion along with keeping information accessible to anyone, at all times.

Chief David Torres feels leadership is a way to influence others to achieve a common goal. Towards the mission in JROTC to become a better citizen. He feels every year is a new challenge, in the end he is either surprised or disappointed. The last two years he has been surprised. He enjoys  being a SAI because he likes seeing the lightbulb come on when a student learns something new. He is willing to give freely to make student journeys easier and safer towards accomplishing their goals. 

"JROTC is like making a cake. If you have good ingredients you have a good cake. If you have bad ingredients you have a bad cake. When it's good it tastes good and is nice to take a bite of"

Top Benavente feels leadership is leading, caring, and influencing others to complete a common goal. Be the leader you want to be , to inspire, and set an example at all times. By being a solid role model. He feels motivated about the new year, to be a mentor for the cadets and set the example for the students to follow. He is committed to insuring the success of the student. He also wants everything to be ready for inspection and have a sterling supply room. Top enjoys his position as AI here very much. 

"JROTC is a family supported by the administration, parents, cadets, and instructors"